About Me

I’m a cat lady and proud of it. I grew up with cats and at one time, my husband and I had ten cats! I can’t imagine the amount of cat hair I’ve swallowed, worn on my clothes, or vacuumed off my furniture. But I wouldn’t give them up for anything. They are my writing “mews”!

So besides now knowing that I’m not purr-fect, below are some questions other cat lovers, some dog lovers, and kids have asked me.

Where did you grow up?

Since my father was in the United States Army, we lived in many places. I was born in England, went to kindergarten in Japan, and lived in California, Virginia, and Florida. I finally settled down near Boston, Massachusetts.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a ballerina or a French interpreter at the United Nations. Well, I didn’t become a world-famous ballerina, but I did dance at the Monterey County Fair when I was 8 years old. And the French interpreter idea? That didn’t work out either. But I still remember some of my high school French. Très Bon!

So, what did you do?

After high school I worked for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, as a VIP Hostess and Tour Guide supervisor.

Working at Disney was a lot of fun. There were parades, fireworks, and characters like Donald Duck, Goofy, and Cinderella always around. Every day was magical, but the best part? As a VIP Hostess, I got to ride the attractions every day.

My favorite attraction? The Haunted Mansion.

Fun Disney facts:

  • It took 600 tons of steel to build Cinderella’s castle. That’s the same as 50 school buses!
  • Mickey Mouse was originally called Mortimer Mouse. I like Mickey better.
  • There’s a full basement underneath the Magic Kingdom. Glad I don’t have to clean it!
  • The Three Little Pigs have names. Do you know them? *(see below for the answer).

After Disney World, I moved to the Boston area and attended Boston University for undergraduate and graduate school. Armed with business degrees, I spent my career, not in finance, but selling computer hardware and software.

Did you always want to write?

I didn’t write much as a child, but I entertained my younger sister with stories. I loved telling her about a hungry ghost who ate kids and spit out their bones. I told her this one when I wanted her to do something for me! I guess you could say I wrote stories in my head.

As an adult I started writing the stories down. I wrote ogre stories, mystery stories, and even poetry. When I stopped working, I got serious about writing and studied at Vermont College where I received an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

How long did it take you to write ROLLIN’ ON DOWN THE LINE?

Writing a nonfiction book can take longer than writing fiction. Renee and I needed to do a lot of research before the actual writing started. We read books about Lady Bird to understand her as a person, listened to her speeches, poured over photographs, reviewed newspaper articles, and reached out to libraries and museums. This process probably took 4-5 months.

Once we had the information, we made an outline and wrote our first draft. Over the next year we edited and revised the story.

Including the research, ROLLIN’ ON DOWN THE LINE took us over a year and a half to write. We finally submitted it to our agent and Sleeping Bear Press bought the rights to the story in 2022.


How many cats do you have now?

I only have two kitties, Little Bit and Millie. But I sure miss those other 8…so who knows?

Fun and Weird facts about me:

  • I love Brussels sprouts. Do you?
  • I catch spiders in my house (in a jar of course!) and release them outside.
  • Chocolate ice cream is my favorite dessert in the whole world. Yum!
  • Sometimes on my walks, I stop at the playground and swing. Really, really high.
  • I learned a song in kindergarten in Japan that sounds like London Bridge. Want to hear it?
  • Growing up my friends called me motor mouth because I talked fast. I still do!
*Names of The Three Little Pigs: Fiddler Pig, Fifer Pig, and Practical Pig. And the wolf is called Zeke Midas Wolf or Br’er Wolf.