A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

Rollin’ on Down the Line

Coming July 2024 from Sleeping Bear Press

The year 1964 was a turbulent time in America. After years of racial struggle, in July of that year, President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. This law, declaring that all citizens were equal, outlawed racial segregation. Many Americans cheered this legislation, yet some did not. Many Southerners despised it and worried about what it meant for their traditions and way of life. With the upcoming November presidential election, President Johnson was advised not to campaign in the South due to the threats of violence since the signing of the new law.

But someone needed to visit the citizens in the South and explain why the new law was necessary and good for the entire country. Born in Texas, First Lady Claudia Alta Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson was from the South and understood its people and customs. Despite her fear of public speaking and threats to her own safety, Lady Bird undertook a train tour to reach out to her fellow citizens and Southerners. This is the true story of her historic Whistle-Stop Tour, making almost fifty stops through eight Southern States in four days.

Lady Bird displayed bravery and grace in the face of name calling, heckling, and personal harm. Although a tiring and dangerous trip, it was a highlight of her political life.

Along the route, Lady Bird handed out souvenirs, including her favorite Pecan Pie recipe.

It’s delicious. Grab an adult and make Lady Bird’s pecan pie together!